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Practice Final Exam

Part 1: In this section of the final exam, you will be asked questions about Active Reading Strategies. You will need to know the definitions of each one in order to answer the questions on the final exam. As a way of preparing, test your knowledge of each strategy by defining or describing each one in the space below.





Making Connections

Part 2: Read the following passage in the left column. In the Think-Aloud section in the right column, read the thoughts of someone who has already read this passage. Next, in each blank, identify the reading strategy this reader activated while ...view middle of the document...

(5) It seems like the author is going to compare Chicago and Cleveland.

(6) What does the word “distinguished” mean?

(7) I’m confused by the words “social diversity.” I reread the sentence, and realize the author is not just comparing the locations, but the social opportunities in both cities.

(8) This passage explains how these two cities have so much in common. It’s not only their locations that make them alike, it’s also their social diversity.

Part 3: In this section, while reading the following passage, record the reading strategies you apply in order to construct meaning in the Think-Aloud column. Identify and explain each of the strategies you apply and indicate the number of the paragraph in which you apply each strategy. Write notes in the margin and underline parts of the text as you read, to help show your strategies.

Beauty and the Beef
When was the last time you opened a carton in a fast food restaurant and found a hamburger as appetizing as the ones in the TV commercials? On television the burger is a magnificent piece of flame-broiled beef. It is topped with crisp lettuce, bright and delicious red tomatoes, tangy onions, and plump pickles. All of this is between two halves of a gigantic sesame seed bun. But of course, the real-life Whoppers can’t compare to what you see on TV. (Par.1)

When making a Burger King commercial, an advertising agency spends at least one full day filming the food. A food stylist prepares the frozen beef patties for the camera. The filming crew first spends two hours setting up lights that will flatter the burger. The stylist begins burning “flame broiling stripes” into the hamburger patties by using a special branding iron. The stylist then paints the stripes with a dark steak sauce. Next, the stylist sprinkles salt on the burger so that when it passes over the flames, natural juices will rise to the meat’s surface.(Par.2)

Once branded, retouched, and juiced, the director films the burgers from different angles as they move along a conveyor-belt broiler. When the meat is broiled, blood rises to the surface in small pools. The stylist dabs at the bubbling blood with a Q-tip so that is doesn’t look undesirable to TV viewers. (Par.3)

Before the patty passes over the flame a second time, the stylist maneuvers a small electric heater about an inch above the burger. This heats up the natural fatty juices until they begin to steam and sizzle. Otherwise, puddles of grease will cover the meat. (Par.4)
Think-Aloud (page one)
(Par. 4)

If you look at a real Whopper closely, you’ll discover that the flame-broiling stripes are only on the top side of the beef patty. Hamburgers are sent through the flame-broiler once and never flipped over. But on television commercials, the beef patty is fetchingly covered with flame-broiled stripes. (Par.5)

The camera crew has five or ten seconds to capture a good, sizzling, beef patty...

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