Pressure Ulcer Essay

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Pressure Ulcer Prevention
In US acute care facilities alone, an estimated 2.5 million pressure ulcers are
treated each year3
The average cost per day per patient to treat a pressure ulcer is $23.54, while
the average cost to prevent a pressure ulcer is only 47 cents4
In 2008, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services stopped reimbursing
hospitals for nosocomial pressure ulcers.1 In a national pressure ...view middle of the document...

2 Now, more than ever, it is
important to prevent pressure ulcers throughout the patient’s entire hospital stay.
Did You Know?
Stryker offers solutions to enhance patient comfort while
helping to prevent and treat pressure ulcers.
• Pressure redistribution mattresses for preventative skin care
• Stretcher overlays that help prevent and treat up to stage IV pressure ulcers
• Drop seat on stretcher to help reduce shear stresses
• Glide™ Lateral Transfer System
Mkt Lit-643 122811 Rev A
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4. "Quality Products Coupled with Care Protocols Curb Pressure Ulcers." An Ounce of Prevention Is worth a Pound of Care! Coloplast.

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