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Price List Essay

330 words - 2 pages

Beauty Care Facials:
Fruit Rs.200.
Herbal Rs.150
Vitamin E Rs.150
Veg Peel Rs.150
Pigmentation Rs.250
Aroma Rs.300
Shehnaz Rs.500
Gold Rs.300
Silver Rs.300
Galvanic Rs.350
Instant glow Rs.300
Sheen glow Rs.300
Aloevera Gel Rs.250
Bridal Rs.500
Pimple/Acne Rs.250
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Sun burns Rs.250
Nail Art Rs.200
Make up: Rs. 500 & above
Specialized in Bridal makeup
Day/Evening makeup
Eye make up ,T.V. /Fashion makeup
Matt/Corrective/Waterproof/Stage makeup
Pedicure & Manicure:
French/ oil/Aroma & Electric.

Hair Care Treatments: (per sitting)
Anti Dandruff treatments Rs.200
Hair Fall “ Rs.100
Split ends “ Rs.150
Scalp “ Rs.100
Basic/ Advance hair cuts Rs.50- Rs.150.
Deep conditioning of hair Rs.300
Hair crimping Rs.300 & above
Hair Perming Rs1000 & above
Hair Straightening Rs.1500 & above
Hair Ironing Rs.300 & above
Hair Colouring Rs.500 & above
Hair Streaking Rs.100 per & above
Blow Drying Rs.250 & above
Hot roller setting Rs.500 & above
Hair Styling Rs.500 & above
Bridal Hair Styles Rs.750 & above
Hair dye / Mehendi Rs.150 &above
All Types of head massage.Rs.100 & above

Aromatherapy :
Aroma facials Rs.300 & above
Treatments with aroma oils for all types of skin & hair.Rs.350 & above

Zardosi/Chemical/ Fevicol Designs

Learn CERTIFIED Courses:
Professional, Basic, Advance
Basic Rs.6000/- Advance Rs.12000/-. AROMATHERAPY Course Rs.3000/ BASIC MEHENDI Course Rs 750/- ADVANCE MEHENDI course-Rs.1500/-

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