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Principle Of Management Essay

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Principle of Management homework

Principle of Management
The dominant view in management theory and society in general is that managers are directly responsible for an organization’s success or failure; this is the omnipotent prospective view of management. Others have also argued that the organization’s success or failure is due to external forces outside the manager’s control. The six external environment components are demographic, economic, technical, sociocultural, political and legal, and global. It is important that managers understand these components because it poses constraints and challenges to managers. In the 1980’s the ...view middle of the document...

Technology is any equipment, tools, or operating methods that are designed to make-work more efficient. Intranet is a private computer network that uses Internet technology and is accessible only to organizational members. It is important for managers to pay attention to demographic trends and shifts because it can prepare a long-term marketing strategy to be ready when the shift becomes more apparent. Environmental uncertainty is situation where the management of a firm has little information about its external environment that is a state of flux and hence, largely unpredictably. Business are built on relationships means that managers must actively involve themselves in the external environment. They must be proactive and do things like networking with people who are important to their firm or who may become important to their firm. Organization culture may be its strongest asset or biggest liability. Organization culture comes from vision and mission of the organization founders and it is maintained by the managers to keep the tradition as long as it has been a success. Organization and managers are willing are willing to get employees commitment, which leads to productivity. The U.S Navy has a culture that I believe has changed as time goes by. Before joining the military I had a perception that all they do was fight wars that is why I was hesitant to join. The place where I shop for groceries they try and stay competitive at all time to keep their customers coming back.

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