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Principles Of Business Essay

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The researchers choose to use the interview and observation methods carry out her research.
The interview method was used as a data gathering instrument above all other because:
* The interview will obtain sufficient information.

* If using the questionnaire there is possibility of them being misplaced.

Observation: while the interview is taking place you get a
chance to look around.

It gives firsthand experience of an office.

The interview was conducted with the Human Resources Department Manager on the 30th January at the organization.
The researcher also made an observation in the
organization the same day

Date | Place Interview | Job Title |
30th January 2011 | Ministry of Amerindian Affairs | Human Resources ...view middle of the document...

29th January2012 | Photocopies | Copies documents needed. | Provides copies of letters and documents. |
29th January | Fax Machines | Sends an extra copy of the documents to other departments | Rapidly send copies of prepared documents to other offices. |

Schedule of activities for conducting the project

Date | Activities | Comments |
25th November2011 | Indentified and selected title from syllabus. | Student choice was Human Resources Department. |
31st November2011 | Teacher discuss topic with student. | Clear understanding of task given. |
5th December2011 | Selected organization to carry out investigation. | The Ministry of Amerindians Affairs was the organization chosen. |
20th January2012 | Prepare a business correspondence letter of permission to visit the organization. | Correspondence letter was typed. |
25th January2012 | Delivering letter to the organization. | Take the letter to the post office. |
29th January2012 | Letter received by the organization and permission was granted to conduct the interview. | A call was made to the school from the organization granting permission for the interview. |
30th January2012 | Visited organization, interview personnel officer. | Ask question, observed working area. |

Schedule of activities for conducting the project
Date | Activities | Comments |
2nd February 2012 | Prepared report based on information gather though out task. | Write report. |
6th February 2012 | Put together School Based Assignment. | Typed and print out School Based Assignment. |
9th February 2012 | Submitted S.B.A | S.B.A was turned in. |

Business Documents

Date | Name | Purpose |
16th December 2011 | Job description | States the job title, salary scale,department, responsible to whom and authority over whom. |
16th December2012 | Job specification | States the same as job description but also, salary grade, promotion prospect, hours of work, leaves entitlement and salary wages. |
16th December2012 | Staff appraisal | Determine whether the employee go or stay. |

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