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Principles Of The Us Constitution Essay

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Principles and Articles of the Constitution
Part One: Table of Primary Principles of the US Constitution
Self-Government | Self-government is government that is provided by or voted on by the inhabitants of the country or group as opposed to having external governing forces. The Constitution names Self-government as the ultimate and proper means of government. The US uses majority rule as part of self-government. |
Separation of Powers | Separation of powers is the division of governing powers among separate branches of the government. This idea was widely favored as many states started drafting their governments and was used as a founding principle of the US Constitution. Basically, ...view middle of the document...

Checks and Balances was not written to hault national decision making, but rather make sure that everybody’s interests and perspectives were taken into consideration. The Republican Party has been consumed with hard right wing conservatives and the Democratic Party has been consumed with hard left winged liberals. In order for checks and balances to work effectively, both parties need to want the government to work like it’s supposed to but instead what is happening is that each side pushes their ideology and won’t budge when one is put in the majority of one of the branches of government. For example, I’ll use Obama’s Affordable Health Care Act as an example. Obama as president is a democrat and the Congress has been majority Republican. Obama tried to push this bill and was voted down by the majorly Republican Congress and Senate. The bill finally passed, which “over 48 percent of Americans say they like.” This to me is a game. Yes, it is some type of check, but definitely not a balance.
Part Two: Three Branches of the Federal Government
Executive Branch: The executive branch is headed by the President. The president recommends new laws, and carries out ones that have been voted on. He also is in charge of defense for our country, foreign affairs, and performs different ceremonial duties. The president is voted into office by the American people. The executive branch interacts with the other branches by basically heading the government. The President can veto laws made by the legislative branch
Powers include:
* Directing the government
* Dealing with international policy
* Veto-ing laws
* Commanding the armed forces
* Acting as chief law enforcement officer
Legislative Branch: The legislative branch is headed by Congress which includes the Senate as well as the House of Representatives. The officials in both of these parties get elected by the American people. The primary task of these bodies is to make laws for the US. The legislative branch interacts with other branches of government by making laws for the Judicial Branch to review and for the Executive Branch to look at. Legislative branch can overrule a veto by having 2/3 of both houses vote against it.
Powers include:
* Passing laws
* Approving treaties
* Impeaching officials
* Originating all spending bills and the like

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