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Probation And Parole In The United States

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Probation and Parole in the United States:
Changes in the Correctional System since World War II
Scott Lohr
Pennsylvania Highlands Community College

Employee security problems and high risk caseloads progressively will move agents away from customary probation ideas of casework in the direction of ideas lined up with control or disciplinary beliefs. This study analyzes how the role of probation and parole has altered and what the future will be like counting on how we respond to the alterations at hand. This study also reviews changes in the criminal policies that have transpired.

Probation and Parole in the United States:
Changes in the Correctional System since World ...view middle of the document...

Probation agents have become less and less engaged in their usual function, more connected to communal work and are more absorbed with law enforcement, following down those who have defied the periods of flexibility.
Regardless of an astounding increase in the number of institutional facilities, an exceptional number of criminals have been put under strict watch in the community. The Florida Department of Corrections has more than 100,000 felony criminals under supervision in Florida communities. If it were not for overcrowding, numerous of these criminals would be assisting long sentences in state organizations. Regulation enforcement, the court, the correctional system, and probation and parole have the same duties for the malfunction of the criminal justice system.
The difficulties documented above are huge. To deal with these difficulties, much of what we do and how we do it will need to be different. Many inside and outside alterations currently have been made to respond to the individual safety concerns of probation/parole agents in Florida: adjustment of agencies to provide for larger employee security, soft body armor, and firearms. This study task calculates areas where change is required, as well as obstacles that stand in the way of change.
According to Edward W. Sieh (1990),
Over the past so many years, probation communities have grown to more than 18% compared to about 15% in jail and prison communities and almost 13% in the number of paroles. Close to 2/3 of the complete correctional community was under probation supervision in the community at the end of 1985.
Sieh decided that huge alterations in the criminal community have led to alterations in sentencing, as well as in how officers are expected or needed to do their job. Twenty-five percent of convicted felony criminals get probation. Other judgments encompass complete supervision and shock probation.
Sieh’s study recognized two essential forms for overseeing criminals—“remedy” and “justice”. The remedy model demonstrates customary casework and rehabilitation, and assesses change within the system. Sieh attacked the remedy mode, showing that it is inherently violent and unjust. It supposes a power over the impulse of criminals, out of capacity to their incorrect doing; it ignores information about the communal rather than therapeutic basis of crimes, and it treats clients as absolute objects of disciplinary policy to manipulate at a whim.
The justice standard deals with the increasing occurrence of punishment. Sieh accepts that the standard was made from public appeal for belief of punishment with the smallest risk to the community. In his description of...

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