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Problem Statement Using Pbl Tble Essay

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Problem statement using the PBL model

Urooj Hassan

Mngt 521

March 23, 2010

Douglas Threat

After just nine months into my new job at Cisco, I was informed by my manager that there is department realignment and I was going to be sent to the front end team in four weeks. This decision was made without my input or knowledge and came as a shock to me. I was not very happy and did not know how to react at the moment once informed at five pm of Friday evening. I asked few questions in regards to how quickly this transition was going to happen and how to handle my current projects and work I had.
My problem was that I was going to be placed involuntarily in a position, ...view middle of the document...

Most of all, I would be in a very high and fast paced environment supporting sales. Finally, I was not able to receive any increase in my salary and lost the flexibility option of working remotely from home on occasions.
However, if I look at the other side of the coin, the end state results seem to offer some positive and promising incentives. This transition can be very rewarding to me in various ways. Such as, I will be visible to many important people by being at work daily. I will receive more than one recognition and input on my progress and performance. Working with a much larger group opens door to learning rapidly and receive insights on more than one way to conduct a certain task. This can result in more choices to move around when time comes to change positions. I will also be brining my existing subject matter expertise which I will be able to train and teach to others.
I n addition, I will be gaining better and more communication skills with both internal (different groups, teams, and department) and externally (partners, and customers) contacts. Front end has been known to receive a higher year end bonus. Most of all I was picked to move the front end by the director who seen a good potential for me to achieve this position. This would...

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