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Problems If Gas Prices Rose Essay

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Gasoline is one of the most widely used natural resources around the world. If gas prices were to rise the price of gas in Europe would be approximately five dollars a gallon, an all-time high. In America we would find ourselves in a difficult predicament because we use gas in our vehicles for transportation, to power our stoves for cooking, and to heat homes. Many people will eventually end up in poverty.
A mass majority of Americans have to commute daily to get to their job. At five dollars a gallon Americans would be forced to find alternative transportation or change where they live relative to ...view middle of the document...

When gas prices spike so does the price of food. Not only do we use gas to power our stoves and grills but farmers use it for their machinery and factories that process and deliver our food. Going out to dinner will be a lot more costly than it should be, it will cost extra money to commute across town and with less people willing to do that it will run many businesses into the ground.
With jobs being thrown away left and right people will slowly end up in poverty. The first thing most people will do in this crisis will be to ask their manager for a raise, which will likely cause conflict. Not being able to afford gas to commute will result in people having to quit. With no workers the business will not be far behind in failing, causing not only the workers but the owners to end up in poverty. With this aspect an abundance of people will end up homeless relying on government funds. Our government is so far in debt there would not be enough money to provide for everyone forcing the entire country into an emergency crisis.
In conclusion, America would face a major problem if gas prices rise because gas is used for everything from transportation, running factories and producing energy. An increase in gas would have an effect on everyone causing some businesses to crash and everyone will eventually end up needing some kind of government assistance that the government would not be able to afford.

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