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Problems With Tgn Essay

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[9:29:26 PM] Neil Hendry: Whatever has caused all the problems we have with TGN, it is not the staff here.
[9:29:39 PM] [cσ]gαяνιη αкα ƒαмιℓу [garv3]: i never said that!
[9:29:59 PM] Neil Hendry: I know that
[9:30:01 PM] Conor Sweeney (Volound): i think he is just making a remark
[9:30:02 PM] Neil Hendry: not a response to you sorry
[9:30:21 PM] Neil Hendry: Maybe we should have found the people responsible for the issues who are higher up in TGN or BBTV and made their life hell until they fixed all of this.
[9:30:25 PM] Neil Hendry: Although I doubt that would do anything
[9:30:40 PM] Neil Hendry: Probably get booted from the network for being reasonable and actually caring about it
[9:31:23 PM] [cσ]gαяνιη αкα ƒαмιℓу [garv3]: i agree
[9:31:33 PM] Neil Hendry: Seems like that would happen a lot in most companies, if the employees keep telling the boss what to do, you're doing this wrong you need to do ...view middle of the document...

M.E: Who needs to get fired?
[9:35:48 PM] Anyday: quite a few people
[9:35:56 PM] Neil Hendry: thomasb is the obvious answer
[9:35:58 PM] Conor Sweeney (Volound): i doubt this is all due to negligence.. lmao
[9:36:01 PM] Neil Hendry: I'm sure he is just one part of the problem
[9:36:09 PM] Neil Hendry: Just happened to appear often
[9:36:42 PM] Anyday: nah thomasb is *you're guys* biggest issue, but he's a damn gnat compared to the actual network.
[9:36:44 PM] O.M.E: Anyday, who at TGN needs to get fired?
[9:36:49 PM] O.M.E: Besides CMs and stuff.
[9:37:28 PM] Anyday: I've already talked to george about it ome, and really has nothing to do with scouts
[9:37:41 PM] Neil Hendry: Apparently George can't fire people anymore
[9:37:48 PM] Neil Hendry: Told us in a call
[9:38:16 PM] O.M.E: I know that.
[9:38:22 PM] Anyday: well, I told you that ages ago, he doesn't have the power to fire/hire
[9:38:27 PM] Conor Sweeney (Volound): he wont be able to do anything, soon
[9:38:28 PM] O.M.E: No one in Recruitment and Partner Support would get fired.
[9:38:31 PM] O.M.E: Would be stupid.
[9:38:38 PM] Kyle A.: No power to hire? Of course he does
[9:38:44 PM] Kyle A.: Only people on contracts he can't remove
[9:38:51 PM] Kyle A.: not everyone has a contract
[9:39:05 PM] Anyday: nope, kyle, he has to have bbtv do hiring
[9:39:19 PM] Kyle A.: We hire people all the time in recruitment.
[9:39:41 PM] Kyle A.: I can make someone an official scout with O.M.E's consent/approval
[9:40:07 PM] Anyday: are they contracted?
[9:40:22 PM] Kyle A.: Not unless BBTV wants to give them one, as I said not everyone has a contract
[9:40:24 PM] O.M.E: Only people who are long-time get contracts actually.
[9:40:29 PM] Kyle A.: ^
[9:40:37 PM] Anyday: no contract = no employee
[9:40:50 PM] O.M.E: We mean hired as in on salary.
[9:40:53 PM] O.M.E: Getting paid.
[9:41:01 PM] Anyday: I mean that's all technically all under the table
[9:41:01 PM] O.M.E: Not the technical meaning you must be thinking of.
[9:42:27 PM] Anyday: I pay the girl down the street for lemonade, I wouldn't consttitute what she's doing as a 'business'
[9:42:52 PM] O.M.E: Okay?

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