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Product Case Study

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Products is an old company that was a leader in electrical products. Recently, it experienced a set of problems due to changes in the external environment and the culture of the company.
In order to remedy this situation, board members hired a new CEO named Mr. Martin. Mr. Martin has a different approach than his previous CEOs to bypass the current situation. He would like to implement a management concept called empowerment. This concept consists of giving information, resources and opportunity to ...view middle of the document...

In addition to that, there are a miscommunication between heads of departments and a high resistance to new changes. Top management might have done a better job changing Elektra Products into a new kind of organization by trying to address the current issues mentioned below and prepare the environment for employees to accept the new strategy. In fact, Mr. Martin might call all heads of departments individually and listen to them and understand their concerts and issues that are facing. Then communicate to them the plan that will be used to address this issues, the benefit that will gain by adhering to this strategy and the role that they will play in the organization. Top management might include middle and staff in the formed team that should be cross-department team and make them participates in the brainstorming workshops. That will give all of them the sense of the ownership of the new change. The suggested approach is support by the expectancy theory of motivation that stated that “employees who believe that their efforts will be lead to effective performance and who expect to be rewarded for their accomplishments will remain productive as rewards meet their expectations”.

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