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Professional Development Of Nursing Professionals Essay

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Professional Development of Nursing Professionals
Grand Canyon University
NRS-430V Professional Dynamics
November 03, 2013

Professional Development of Nursing Professionals
In 2010 the IOM produced a report addressing the challenges facing our healthcare system and outlining the vital role nursing must play in addressing those challenges (Institute of Medicine [IOM], 2010). As the needs of patients have become more complex the skills of nurses caring for them must change as well. Nurses must have the requisite skills to deliver high quality patient care and take a leadership role in negotiating the obstacles of our ever changing healthcare system. Adoption of the ...view middle of the document...

The IOM has set the goal that 80% of the nursing workforce would be BSN prepared by 2020 which in turn will force nursing to come to a consensus on entry level educational requirements for nursing professionals. Achieving this target will help ensure we have a nursing workforce that is educationally prepared to face the many challenges ahead.
As the most numerous member of the healthcare workforce, nurses have the unique opportunity to play a major role in the transformation of our healthcare system. In order to fulfill these roles, constraints related to nursing scope of practice will need to be overcome. The IOM (2010) report states that, “nurses are so well poised to address these needs by virtue of their numbers, scientific knowledge, and adaptive capacity that the health care system should take advantage of the contributions they can make by assuming enhanced and reconceptualized roles” (p. 87). Advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) already have the education and training required to meet the increasing demand for primary care providers as patient care is shifted to outpatient and community settings. However, the regulation of their practice, which is limited in many states, must be addressed to allow them to practice to the full extent of their ability. The IOM recommendations would also require nurses at all levels to collaborate more effectively with all members of the healthcare team as they take on an enhanced role in the coordination of care. This expanded role of care coordinator along with the proliferation of computerized information systems will require more computer skills as technological advances in medical equipment will require more training. A deeper knowledge of information systems will also be required as nurses collaborate with the interdisciplinary team digitally in the provision of patient care. As I look at the impact of the IOM report on nursing practice, I believe my participation in the GCU RN to BSN program is developing the skills and competencies I need to meet the challenges outlined. As the baccalaureate education encompasses quality and patient safety, evidence-based practice, information management, health care policy and finance, communication/collaboration, clinical prevention/population health, and professional values (Creasia & Friberg, 2011) I feel I will have the knowledge and adaptability to expand my practice as regulations and nursing standards allow.
As we move forward with reform of the healthcare system, nurses must position...

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