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Professional Speech

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COM 225 Public Speaking

Professional speech Critique Questions

***Please use this to evaluate your professional speeches. Please also remember to provide some type of proof of your attendance.

1. Who was the speaker? John Lynch

2. What was the topic of the speech? Finding your identity in Christ and not using masks to hide your weaknesses and sins.

3. How did the speaker establish his/her credibility? John is a very credible source, and he established that by referencing the book he is the author of, TrueFaced. TrueFaced was written by John and three other elders here at Open Door and its main focus is to teach us how to trust God and others with our hearts.

4. Did the speaker have an ...view middle of the document...

5. What was the General Purpose of the speech? The general purpose of the speech was to inform Believers and non-believers of what these two different paths of life can look like.

6. What was the Specific Purpose? The specific purpose was to inform the audience of helpful ways to live out the path filled with a loving community, and freedom in the forgiveness of sins.

7. What do you believe the main points were? . The major points that he touched on were the fact that if we want to live this kind of life we need to really trust others with our hearts. Open up to them and not hide our flaws but let our flaws be exposed so that they have no power against us. As well as choosing to surround ourselves with people who are going to encourage us to draw closer to God rather than stray away from him. He said that we need to understand we can’t do this life on our own, and that all of our strength must come from God.

8. Did the speaker have an effective conclusion? Please explain? His conclusion was that by trusting God and others with our hearts we will get to go along the path filled with a supportive community and grace. It was a very effective conclusion and John was so good at explaining all of the points and backing it up with quotes from the Bible to demonstrate deeper meanings.

What was your overall impression of the speech? Please be specific and detailed. I thought he did a wonderful job speaking. He was funny at times, and kept the audience hanging off of his every word by making you feel a variety of emotions.

Picture of proof is below!!


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