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Program Framework Within The Nonprofit Organization:

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Program Framework within the Nonprofit Organization:
How to Create a Successful Nonprofit
Khalid Abuhassan, Helen Alexander, Tanaya Horne, Andrew Lang, Lisa Long, Joshua Wheeler
Liberty University

The program framework of a nonprofit organization is the planning foundation that it is built on. The authors of this paper recognize the importance of creating a strong blueprint from which a nonprofit is then realized. An explanation factoring each step of the strategic planning process from a start-up perspective is followed by the authors applying the newly acquired knowledge to broadly create a “mock” foundation.

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However, the reward is the formation of an association dedicated to helping others, founded in the love of Christ. There are various program framework structures within a nonprofit organization. All nonprofit organizations first start with a vision. Vision statements can often cause the most hindrance within an organization. “By starting with a blank slate, the vision process can seem intimidating and lead to disabling frustration.” (Lipton, 1996) Bringing together a group of leaders and forming a collective mind is difficult.
A nonprofit’s vision statement should depict where the company is hoping to be in the future, not where they currently are. Emil Angelica, of the Amherst D. Wilder Foundation advises the need to answer two fundamental questions when writing a vision statement: “What will be different in the world in three to five years because our organization exists? And, what role will our organization play in creating that difference?” (Angelica, 2001) The answers should be the foundation to the organization’s vision statement. It should be simplistic and unembellished. All participants in the visionary process have to be willing to leave their “preconceived notions” (Smith, 2000) at the door. This will allow for innovative thinking which will open the door to effective strategic planning.
Strategic Planning is the “systematic process that brings consensus regarding priorities among the organization’s leaders.” (Smith, 2000) It is the initial phase of the attempt to make the nonprofit a reality. That being said, the implications of strategic planning do not end on commencement of the organization, rather they are continuous in their efforts to ensure long-term stabilization of the nonprofit organization. John Bryson supposed “strategic thought and action are increasingly important to the continued viability and effectiveness of governments, public agencies and non-profit organizations of all sorts. Without strategic planning it is unlikely that these organizations will be able to meet successfully the numerous challenges that face them.” (Bryson, 1988) To understand the concept of strategic planning, first there needs to be a comprehension that this management tool relies on the basis of an identifiable purpose.
An organization’s leadership engaged in an effective retreat where environmental and S.W.O.T analyses were performed and the organization’s vision has life. There is an understanding of what trends/issues need to be watched out for and what the organization’s strengths and weaknesses are. Now what? “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will do.” (Smith, 2000) Once the initial foundation research is completed the organization’s leadership should concentrate on the creation of a meaningful mission statement. Christopher C, Morphew, Associate Professor at the Institute of Higher Education at the University of Georgia, and Matthew Hartley, Assistant Professor at the Graduate School of...

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