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Progressive Presidents Essay

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The Progressive Presidents

In this paper we will be discussing the different strategies of two Presidents that lead the progressive movements during this time. Let’s compare the strategies that allowed for both President Theodore Roosevelt and President Woodrow Wilson to change the way that American government handles different policies and who it affects and how. We will also look at how these two are similar. The Progressive Party, believing that a free people should have the power from time to time to amend their fundamental law so as to adapt it progressively to the changing needs of the people, pledges itself to provide a more easy and expeditious method of amending the Federal ...view middle of the document...

Roosevelt also believed that there should be a balance that workers, business and consumers should be balanced.
Woodrow Wilson was our 28th President and was elected in 1912. With this election it was known as a transition from old America into a new world leader. Some of the things that Wilson was known for tariff reductions, Banking reforms, and stronger anti-trust laws. Wilson also started the graduated income tax which means the more you make the more you pay. Wilson started the Federal Reserve Act which allowed for banks to get loans in the time of need. Wilson believed in assisting the common hard working and honest man to achieve goals and gain the trust of each individual that would trust in his judgment. Wilson strongly agreed that the best way to fix the government was to bring down strong holds in the government and allow for the common people to stand for something.
In their different policies Roosevelt and Wilson were trying to bring change in the government. Roosevelt thought that by using the strong arm type of government to make change in his election. His theory was that instead of people voting to make change that he would just allow himself to the people as in being a dictator. As this seemed like an effective tool for him to persuade the people into standing by his decisions to make this government like the iron fist.
Wilson’s approach to government was a more subtle approach because Wilson was campaigning more for the people because everything that he did would benefit the people because he was...

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