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Given that there is a problem in the current system, where farmers have to go to the market physically or send someone, we discovered during my research its time consuming for farmers to finding out about prices. Difficulty in knowing the prices and the cost of transporting made the farmers prone to be exploited by intermediaries.
The research of this project was done through the study of several systems in different countries, Interview and questionnaires to the farmers, brokers, vendors and retailers for developing this system. The methodology applied for this system is modified waterfall model.
The Market price information system is the output of the project; it is significant in offering speed and convenience of one-stop availability check, instant price changes and current transportation costs in the farming industry. Additionally, this automated system is aimed at saving time, money and minimizing errors for users, thus resulting to higher profits to the farming industry to the farmers. The Market price information system will incur low costs of maintaining the system and provides an economical way for farmers to keep track of the market.  
1.1 Introduction - 7 -
1.2 Background information - 8 -
1.3 Problem Definition - 9 -
1.3.1 Problem Statements - 9 -
1.3.2 Proposed Solutions: - 9 -
1.3.3 Justification of the system - 9 -
1.4 Aims - 10 -
1.5 Objectives - 10 -
1.6 Research questions - 10 -
1.6 Scope - 10 -
2.1 Online Systems - 11 -
2.1.1 Information Systems - 11 -
2.2 Vegetable Market Price in Kenya - 13 -
2.3 ICT Adoption by Vegetable Market Price - 13 -
2.3.1 The proliferation of mobile phones and the internet - 13 -
2.4 Similar Systems - 14 -
The Fruit and Veg City: Food Lovers Market Food Lover's Market in south Africa is an example of the system ( However, the difference in the two system is that the online market price system intends to be used by farmers and not by customers like the Fruit and Veg City. (, 2015) - 14 -
2.5 Proposed Architecture - 14 -
3.0 METHODOLOGY - 15 -
4.1 Requirements - 17 -
4.2 Feasibility Analysis - 18 -
4.2.1 Economic feasibility - 18 -
4.2.2 Technological feasibility - 18 -
4.2.3 Schedule feasibility - 18 -
4.2.4 Technical feasibility - 19 -
4.3Requirements Specifications - 19 -
4.3.1 Technical requirements - 19 -
4.3.2 Performance requirements - 19 -
4.3.3 User requirements - 19 -
4.4 System Modelling - 20 -
User Use Case - 21 -
Administrator Use Case - 22 -
4.5 SYSTEM DESIGN - 22 -
4.5.1 Proposed System - 22 -
Entity Relation Diagram - 23 -
5.1 Implementation - 25 -
5.1.1 Resources - 25 -
5.1.2 Choice of Programming Tools, Techniques and Technologies - 25 -
5.1.3 Code Structure & Organization - 27 -

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