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Project Management Essay

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Scenario: You are employed as an Office manager in London that provides services around the world in the area of management development. You were asked by the Managing Director to lead the relocation of your company to Banbury, Oxfordshire in order to reduce costs.

Project Title: Relocation to Banbury- Oxfordshire.
Project management is managing a work project by proper scheduling and planning. Project management wants harmonization from the top to the bottom and they are all oriented on what essentials to be fixed in the business.
Business objectives that should be maintained during the relocation project
• The target of business income, which is 10% growth annually.
• Decreasing ...view middle of the document...

The WBS chart represents the different stages of the project from initiation to the closure of the project and its different levels and elements (Westland, 2003).

Project divisions: figure: 2
The figure shows the different stages of the project, which are,
1. Project initiation
2. Planning
3. Execution
4. Controlling
5. Closing

Activity 2
(Relocation to Banbury- Oxfordshire from 1st July to 16st July)

Table of Content:
2.1 Description and assessment of appropriate procedure for the chosen projects

2.2 Assessments of the feasibility of this project 2

2.3 Structure for the administration management of the project 3

2.4 Project management hierarchy:
The responsibilities and roles of staff who manages the project 4

2.5 Job description and person specification for a Project

2.1 Description and evaluation of suitable methodology for chosen project.

PRINCE2 (Projects IN Controlled Environments) is a process-based technique for operational project management. It is also a structural project management methodology and manages the projects in an organised and logical way, which allows flexibility and minimizes the errors and time delays. (ILX, 2013),

It gives attention on business justification
A Perfectly outlined organisation structure for the team who manages the project
Deals with a product-based planning attitude
Stress on distributing the project into convenient and controllable phases
Flexibility that can be functional at a level suitable to the project
Prince2 is selected to aid for the relocation project in order to upkeep the control of resources and ability to manage the risk factors more effectively within the directions of the business heads.
1. Design, Scheduling & Reporting of the project.
2. Value analysis and management
3. Cost estimation and management
4. Change management and control
5. Quality and benefits.
6. Scope Statement is used to sketch the outcomes the project.
7. Risks and delay management: calculate the risks. This detail should be calculated to approximate values before commencing the actual project

Starting up a project: The activities are, appointing the board, design and planning the next initiation stage.
Initiating the project: The key factors like planning quality, scheduling, filtering the risks with and setting up the project initiation document.
Directing the project: Authorization of stages and project closure and giving direction.
Controlling a stage: According to PRINCE2 directions, the whole project should be broken down to several work packages and in this stage dictates how each of them should be controlled.
Managing Stage Boundaries: Planning a stage and updating the plan, revising the risk register; reporting phase conclusion;...

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