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Project Management Techniques Essay

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Background to the project,
Kurdistan Region of Iraq witnessed a great development booming starting on 2006 till 2013, this lead to an annual expansion on the electrical power demand of %15 per year. New living complexes were built that needed all type of infrastructure utilities. 
Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) through its Ministry of Electricity (MOE) issued several tenders for different projects of Transmission Lines as well as transforming and distribution Substations.

CONTRACT No. KRG-MOE/ES-06c/2011, between Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), Ministry of Electricity (the “MOE”) and Melec S.A.L was one of the project of ...view middle of the document...

Scope refers to the detailed set of deliverables or features of a project. In this project Melec, shall provide on turnkey basis engineering, detailed design, manufacture, supply, erection, testing and commissioning including associated civil works, training of MOE personnel for Construction of a new 33/11 kV substation

The scope of work include the following:

1- Design/Engineering for 33/11kV Substation
2- Procurement of All Electrical/ Mechanical and Civil equipment , tools and Materials
3- Construction of Substation which includes :
* Complete SS Main Building
* Guard Room/ Generator Room/ Sentry box
* Transformers & Electrical equipment foundations
* Cables Trenches
* Internal roads and sidewalks
* Site drainage
* Boundary walls

4- Equipment Installation
* Electrical equipment /Accessories installation
* Mechanical equipment /Accessories installation
* Safety and security equipment /Accessories installation

5- Training
Two kind of training shall be provided:
* Manufacturer’s Operation and maintenance training
for (3) engineers/technicians from the MOE
* On site, Operation and maintenance training shall be provided during erection, commissioning and the trial operation period.

A non-clearly defined Project scope , that is not aligned with organization goals , objectives value , strategy ,structure and stuff will lead to inaccurate estimation of cost and time that will cause an overrun in schedule and budget (Improving your project management ,second edition ,p27)
Add more quotes for the importance of scope management

Project Exclusions describe and clarify the work that is not included in the project and outside of the project scope. Explicitly stating what is out of project for the project helps to managing stakeholder’s expectations.

* Asphalt Paved Access Road from the substation to public road shell be constructed at the end of the project by others
* For 33 kV overhead line bays. The landing span will be provided by others.

Exclusions can remove ambiguity and clear what is out of the project scope it can be helpful in projects especially when the scope is not clear (Gower Handbook of Project Management
المحررون: Professor J Rodney Turne 5th edition)
Project deliverables
This project will deliver a A Complete fully functional 31.5 MVA, 33/11 kV Electrical substation Hana City Substation.
This project will deliver a Training with training material for MOE Stuff.
A guide to the pmbok describes project deliverables as the major deliverables of project and all the subcomponenet that make the deliverables the completion of deliverables signals the project completeion

Project constraint:
Contstraints limits the options of the project team and restrict their actions (PMP Project Management Professional Exam Review Guide
Will affect the performance of the...

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