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Project Proposal Essay

588 words - 3 pages

Project Proposal

Rafael Astolpho


March 2nd, 2015
Professor Deborah Ray-Sims

| |Palmdale School District |


|To: |School Principals, Classified Employees & Certificated Teachers |
|From: |Rafael Astolpho |
|cc: |Teacher Assistants |
|Date: |March 2nd, 2015 ...view middle of the document...

The Principals will be in charge of the training of their school staff: teachers, office staff and custodians. The Management Team at the District Office will be in charge of training all immediate staff such as the warehouse staff, human resources, technology and the board of trustees.
The management team at the District Office and the School Principals are the first ones to receive the training. They will then teach the staff they are in charge off.
Since no centralized training has even been done in the district, the school’s Superintendent wants feedback from the participants involved in the training to evaluate how effective it is. A minimum of 10 hours of training by all management and School Principals will be necessary. All training data will be recorded into a main database for further analysis and evaluation of its effectiveness. A test will be need to be taken at the end training and a test score will be given. A score of 90% or higher will need to be achieved for proper completion of the training.
Project Objectives and Outcomes
Project Imagine Learning will provide all the initial training to management and school principals. Once training is done, they will be able to effectively operate under...

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