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Project Selection Method And Flowchart For A Project

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Project Selection Method and Flowchart for a Project

October 31, 2011

Project Selection Method and Flowchart for a Project
My organization has a handful of customers, but because the product in the field is still immature, I receive a lot of support issues that need almost instant response on root cause analysis. These issues usually come through email or phone calls from the sales engineers. The steps I follow are, once the issue comes through an email or phone, I file a defect in the defect tracking system with the information at hand, and then the issue goes to engineers to reproduce and perform the root cause analysis. After that, the priority is to find the workaround ...view middle of the document...

The process improvement will use the existing defect tracking system, and will incorporate a new tool for collecting the information from the customer site. The organization needs to provide training of the tool to the customer support and sales engineers. The organization also needs to invest engineering resources, and time to improve the existing tool to accommodate different levels of logs and information for the unknown issues at customer site.
The human factor is in terms of efficiency of issue handling, reporting the issue, or performing the root cause analysis. The sales engineers and customer support will have less stress to collect the information with the help of the technology and the tool will provide the efficiency and reduce the stress of communication with customer service back and forth for same issue. The morale of engineers will increase because he or she will invest the time in root cause analysis and will have less stress to communicate to the field through email for every small issue and the issue updates or progress. The buy-in from sales engineers and customer service is very important as it would help implement the process seamlessly.
The response time to customer or the sales engineer will reduce drastically because of the technology and process improvement. After the sales engineers and customer support start following the process, single gateway of communication to engineering for any issue will expedite the process of resolving issues. The email communications for gathering information will reduce and this will result in...

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