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1.1 Background to the Study 1
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2.1 The concept of Study Habits 6
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Random sampling was used to select the schools and the streams to work on. Using literature as a base, the researchers assembled a list of 15 statements of study habits and sent to those in measurement and evaluation unit. From their responses to statements of good study habits were finally selected. These selected questions were administered on the students. Out of 280 questionnaires distributed to respondents only 132 questionnaires were returned. The researcher also made use of academic records of students got from the various schools.
Percentage was used in analysis this data. It was found that secondary school student in Oguta local Government Area of Imo State Possessed different study habits and that students with good study habits achieved better academically.

1.1 Background to the Study
Each year the government of the federation commits heavy resources to the secondary school education. Yet the academic achievements of students as evidenced by their performances both in their internal and public examination seems to be getting poorer and poorer. This state of affair must be remedind and urgently too if the commitment of the scarce human and material resources to education were to have any justification. Remediation to be effective with depend on the careful identification and manipulation of at least some of the strategic variables that influence academic performance.
Verrom, Adamson and Verrom (1979), have suggested that one of such variables is students study habits. Usually students adopts various study habits but the strategic question is how do these study habits relate to their academic performances.
Effective study, simply put is the application of one’s mind to the acquisition of knowledge with indeth and methodical thinking reflection, attentive observation and careful detailed investigation. Parents have a right to know how their children are doing in school. Naturally, they expect grades that can reflect their children abilities, little wonder that school grades constitutes a major levels of education. Grades can mean the difference between graduating and being left behind, between obtaining a well paid job and getting only a minimum wage. Between receiving their wrath.
Again, many fresh entrances into the institutions of higher learning are posed with extensive reading tasks. While some many explore and acquire useful study techniques that would enable them cope appropriately with any given task, yet some others may devise force and unorthodox methods culminating in examination mal-practices, to sorting etc, and thus they leave the institution without acquiring any useful knowledge.
The student is effective in his student is he achieves the aim and purpose for which he sets out to study.

1.2 Statement of the Problems
In spite of the prolonged campaign for independent study habit, the provision of library and information services still remains a youth affair. This has created a big...

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