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Projects Essay

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Project management as a management discipline underpins much economic activity. In industries as diverse as pharmaceuticals, software and aerospace, projects drive business. And in the public sector, it is effective project management that translates politicians' promises of new roads, schools and hospitals into gleaming new constructions that improve everyday life.
The development of Ghana
Successive Ghanaian governments pursued various models of economic development throughout the 1960s, 70s and 80s. In the immediate post independent era of the early 1960s, Ghana’s economic development objectives were ...view middle of the document...

Over the long-term, the challenge for Ghana has been to use its limited resources more efficiently and effectively through the management of enterprises, programs and projects in both the public and private sectors. The need for manageability of the development process led Ghana, from the late 1980s, to adopt various programs and projects as the vehicles by which to deliver social and economic initiatives.

Evolution and use of project management
Project Management as a distinct management concept has been used as a management tool by organizations across industries to achieve a broad spectrum of objectives. In the field of development economics, project management has been used as a vehicle to drive the economic development aspirations of developing countries like Ghana. Projects are themselves comprised of many inter-related elements including the tasks to be performed, methods to be employed, resources to be committed, and the environment in which the project is being implemented. These elements are also integrated within the successive phases of a project life cycle (PLC). To ensure their proper functioning, the pieces have to be brought together to form workable systems which will promote and enhance the attainment of a project’s objectives.

Development projects
These are projects which have been used by developing countries as a way of effecting structural change within their economies. Countries have used development projects as a tool to improve on their existing condition of under-development. The various categories that can be identified in this genre include institution building projects, policy advice projects, educational projects, health projects and infrastructural projects, among others. Developing countries such as Ghana have sought to use the resources available to them locally and from the international donor community more efficiently and equitably in order to improve their economic, political, social and environmental indicators through the management of their projects, programmes and enterprises. Development projects emerged as a category of a well-tested genre in response to the need for a formal approach towards effecting structural change within the economies of developing countries. Its raison d’être was to be its use as a vehicle to drive the economic development aspirations of poor countries and to help improve on their existing conditions of under-development. Christensen (1995) notes that, well-designed development projects are essential for laying the foundation for long-term growth, through the development of human resources and various other economic infrastructures.

The Contribution of Project Management to the development of Ghana
* Savings in terms of time and cost.
One of the biggest benefits of using a common methodology is the value of reuse. Once the processes, procedures and templates are created, they can be used (perhaps with small modifications) on all projects in the future. This...

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