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During the 20th century a communications revolution that introduced motion pictures, radio, and television brought the world into view—and eventually into the living room. The new forms of communication competed with books as sources of amusement and enlightenment. New forms of communication and new modes of transportation made American society increasingly mobile and familiar with many more regions of the country. Literary voices from even the remotest corners could reach a national audience. At the same time, American writers—particularly writers of fiction—began to influence world literature.
The 20th century saw the emergence of modernism. Modernism responded to the world’s ...view middle of the document...

Some other writers focus on the overwhelming forces of nature and on issues of class.
Gender issues remain major topics in 21st century American literature, and more gay and lesbian authors are publishing their work and bringing their community and concerns into focus.

1. Diversity
The reading audience of the United States changed as social and economic realities changed. Immigrant populations added great variety to 20th-century American fiction. American literature at the is exceptionally diverse, with rapidly growing multicultural influences. New voices continue to emerge within the Native American, African American, Asian American, and Hispanic American communities.
After the 1960s it became increasingly difficult even to define a mainstream.
Jewish-American literature: among the first to record their experiences.
African American literature: focuses on slavery and its legacies while also offering hope, particularly in the strength of bonds among women.
Native American literature: reassesses the experience of their cultures.
Hispanic American literature.
Asian American authors brought strong voices to American literature after the 1960s. Much of Asian American literature deals with the inevitable conflicts...

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