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Promotional Mic For Subway And Coca Cola

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Describe the promotional mix used by two organisations.
I will be doing Coca Cola and Subway
Coca Cola
The promotional mix for Coca Cola;
The 'Coca-Cola' brand has been adopted the strategy of global marketing. They are considering the whole world as single market place and uniform marketing strategy was being used Coca-cola for many years, but now the trend is changing and different marketing campaigns are being designed for different regions of the world. . Business decisions are made on a domestic basis to fit in with the culture and needs of the domestic community. In 1919 Coca-Cola decided it was time to go global. The Coca-Cola Company decided to take its operations beyond national ...view middle of the document...

It’s advertising slogan or most precisely put, it’s tagline is, ‘Eat Fresh’ highlighting the actual positioning the business has maintained. Having served customers at an international level, Subway, aims at value being served rather than having a transactional relationship. Moreover, their sandwiches are served based on size mentioned on the menu and consumers can opt for a value addition through customization.
The promotional mix for Subway;
Subway's marketing program addresses health, fresh, custom-made sandwiches expectations of consumers through a number of approaches. The most notable were the television commercials featuring Jared. These commercials emphasize the healthy aspects of a Subway sandwich by highlighting the 245 pounds Jared lost by eating a Subway sandwich diet. Subway also markets through a national sponsorship in events such as American Heart Association Heart Walks and local events such as triathlons, and children's sports teams.
The Subway example represents marketing and product strategies that are classic examples of focusing on market demand, consumer trends, product leveraging, and innovation. The marketing strategies of creating clear brand recognition, brand and product association, and market demands, have strategically positioned Subway to...

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