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The three components to the criminal justice system are the police, courts, and corrections (Schmalleger, 2011). When you begin to apply these components to television shows and movies you being to see how much is really put into each section.
When I watched the television show CSI in the episode titled “Altered Stakes”, I saw how the police and corrections sides both worked. In this episode there was a prisoner who was committed of a crime he claimed he didn’t commit. The police officer that was involved got him to confess to the crime, but later was found to be a “bad cop”. The prisoner used this to his advantage and then there was another investigation put into play to prove him to be guilty of a crime that was committed using other evidence.
This episode also showed a little bit of the courts. The prisoner was going to be allowed by the courts to be released ...view middle of the document...

The courts portion of it shows the person getting convicted the ruling and the trial leading up to that ruling. It then will show the beginning of the corrections and what the felon goes through.
A movie that shows mostly the courts is called A Few Good Men. This particular show goes into the detail of how the military tried to cover up a crime in order to protect a Colonels’ orders to discipline a soldier who ended up dying due to a condition that no one knew about. This movie showed how a trial would go with questioning, record keeping of the trial, and the judge. When the questions were asked of people on the stand and how the opposing lawyers could contest to the questioning.
An older television series from HBO called OZ shows how the corrections life could possibly be like. The day to day issues that a prisoner would go through just trying to stay alive and getting what they need and want. It shows how they join groups in order to have protection from other groups. Payment of special items that are smuggled in, working within a prison and solitary confinement.
One could reference to shows such as Judge Judy for the courts section of this as well, but in my own opinion I think that this show is blown into more of a drama show than what court really should be like. But it still has the same aspects of court. There is a defendant and a plaintiff. The defendant is usually claiming that what the plaintiff is charging them with is untrue. The judge must decide based on the evidence presented if the defendant is guilty or not guilty. If found guilty, what the defendant must do for the plaintiff. For example if there is money that is owed to the plaintiff, the judge will order the defendant to pay it if found guilty.
While watching a show called Most Shocking, I was able to see how police take control of a riot type situation. If they do not take control of the situation the people involved could seriously get hurt as well as the officers themselves.

Schmalleger, F. (2011). Criminal Justice Today (11th ed.). Pearson Hall. Upper Saddle River

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