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Proud To Be Me Essay

444 words - 2 pages

Elena Grimes
Professor Yoshikawa
English 101
" Proud to Be Me"

When something bad happens you either have three choices. You can either let it define you, let it
destroy you, or you can let it strengthen you. Tammy Bernier shows us how she found the courage and
strength to finally confront her father after being molested by her family members for years. I believe she
wrote this passage not only to share her abuse, but to encourage others who may have experienced the
same situation that there is a time to stand up for yourself and realize how strong you are.
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She had to constantly prove herself worthy
of her fathers love and time, yet he always treated her as if she was nothing constantly believing she was a
liar. Tammy was her fathers child, but she wasn't the boy child that he wanted. Her fathers almost seems
like he was punishing her for something that she had no control over.
"I let out not one whimper, not one cry as I told my mother I loved her and hung up the phone. I was
now dead inside" (Bernier 276) I could literally almost feel the hurt of her statement as she hung up the
phone with her mother. She was certain this time that her parents were going to come save her from her
grandparents in Maine. At this point I believe Tammy knew it was time to put a stop to this pain and abuse
that she had been experiencing for years. She realized it was only ruining her and that she was the only
one she could rely on to save her insanity. Her father did not know her at all and never tried to. He proved
himself to only be a father not a "dad". He chose from day one not to accept his daughter as his child, not

caring what happen to her. Damage had been done, but Tammy Bernier found it within herself to put a
stop to her abuse and claim power over her self. Bernier proved herself as an ordinary individual who
found strength in spite of her abusive childhood obstacles to stand up for herself and no longer be a
prisoner of her father.

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