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Psy/201 Week 2 Quiz Uop Essay

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University of Phoenix Material

Week Two Quiz

Multiple Choice

Please choose the correct answer to the following questions.

1. __D__ refers to the experience created from stimulating a sense organ.

a. Perception
b. Stimulus
c. Transduction
d. Sensation

2. ___D___ refers to the smallest change in sensation that can be detected at least 50% of the time.

a. Adaptation
b. Weber’s Law
c. Difference Threshold
d. Absolute Threshold

3. Sensory cells located on the retina that receive incoming visual stimuli are __C__.

a. Rods and Cones
b. Fovea
c. Ganglion Cells
d. Blind Spot

4. The principles of similarity, proximity, continuity, and closure are examples of __C__.

a. Binocular cues
b. ...view middle of the document...

a. Adaptive
b. Restorative
c. REM
d. Parasomnia

7. Our bodies tend to operate on a general 24-hour cycle called a __B__, which is regulated by the hypothalamus.

a. Sleep Spindle
b. Circadian Rhythm
c. Light/Dark Cycle
d. Selective Attention

8. A person who experiences momentary wakefulness in the middle of the night due to a disruption in his or her breathing pattern may suffer from __D___.

a. Insomnia
b. Narcolepsy
c. Cataplexy
d. Sleep Apnea

9. Sarah was seen smoking a substance at a party. She reported feeling euphoric and had increased energy. Through the course of the night she became irritable and was very nervous. The substance that she most likely was smoking was __A__.

a. Methamphetamine
b. Cocaine
c. Marijuana
d. Heroin

10. Studies suggest that most people’s dreams consist mainly of general thoughts or events about their day, which is referred to as _C__.

a. Consolidation
b. Manifest Content
c. Sleepthink
d. Hypnosis

Short Answer

1. Provide a description of sensation and perception then explain how these are related.

Sensation occurs when a sensory organ such as smell, sight, hearing, and feeling occurs then activates us to physically react. Perception is an awareness of how a person perceives a situation or an event. The general relationship between sensation and perception is tht sensation is the result of how we physically use opur senses and perception is how we perceive the sresults. For example the ‘ol saying about the the cup being half full or half empty. Your eyes and thoughts will allow a person to see the level of water in the cup, then it’s up to perception to decide whether the cup is being vie

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