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Psychological Measurements Essay

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This chapter provides an overview of the world of testing. Of course, everyone knows, at least roughly, what we mean by a “test” or “testing.” Everyone has at least some familiarity with a variety of tests, for example, college admission tests, final examinations in courses, vocational interest inventories, and perhaps some personality measures. However, as we begin formal study of this world, it is important that we develop both a more comprehensive and a more precise understanding of the field. More comprehensive so that we consider all types of tests and all relevant issues:We do not want to miss anything important. More precise so that we begin to acquire the technical expertise needed ...view middle of the document...

Fifth, we examine some of the attempts to define test, testing, and some related terms. When we finish viewing the field through these five perspectives, we should have a good overview of the field of testing.Key Points Summary 1.1: Five Ways to Introduce the FieldCategories of TestsUses and Users of TestsIssues: Assumptions and QuestionsHistorical Periods and ForcesBy Definition

Major Categories of Tests (with Some Examples)

We begin our exploration of the world of testing by identifying the major categories of tests. Any such classification is necessarily fuzzy around the edges. Categories often blend into one another rather than being sharply different. Nevertheless, some organizational scheme helps us to comprehend the breadth of the field.Key Points Summary 1.2 provides a classification scheme we use throughout the book. In fact, Chapters 8–13follow this organization. This introductory chapter just touches on the major categories. Each category receives in-depth treatment later.The first major division encompasses mental ability tests. In the world of psychological testing, the termmental ability includes a wide variety of cognitive functions, such as memory, spatial visualization, and creative thinking. Historically, the area has centered on intelligence, broadly defined. This category subdivides into individually administered intelligence tests, group-administered intelligence tests, and a variety of other ability tests, that is, other than intelligence tests. An example of an individually administered intelligence test is the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale,1 abbreviated WAIS. Another classic example in this...

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