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Psychology Essay

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University of Phoenix Material

Humanistic and Existential Personality Theories Worksheet

Fill-in the Blank

1. Abraham Maslow proposed the __humanistic_______________ theory of personality.

2. According to Maslow, self-fulfillment and realization of one’s full potential are examples of __self actualization______________ needs.

3. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs proposes that ____basic________ needs must be satisfied before __higher__________ needs will become motivators for behavior.

4. The belief that matter evolves from simpler to more complex ...view middle of the document...

Rogers believed that __________________________, _______________________, and _________________ are necessary elements of psychotherapy.

8. _______________ is the structure that gives meaning to experience and allows people to make decisions about the future.

9. May proposed that ___________________ is the freedom of action, whereas __________________ is the freedom of being.

10. The basic concepts of existential theory are _______________ and ___________________.


Match the following theoretical components with their correct theorist or theorists.

Theoretical component Theorist
1. Unconditional positive regard A. Abraham Maslow
2. Eros B. Carl Rogers
3. Love and belongingness needs C. Rollo May
4. The self-concept
5. Guilt
6. Levels of awareness
7. Self-actualization
8. Neurotic anxiety


1. According to Maslow, what are the characteristics of self-actualizing people? Why are these characteristics important?

2. What are the strengths of the humanistic theories in regard to their explanation of personality?

3. What are the limitations of the humanistic theories in regard to their explanation of personality?

4. What are the strengths and limitations of May’s existential theory in regard to their explanation of personality?

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