Psychosocial Assessment Of A Film Character

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Final Project
Psychosocial Assessment of a Film Character

A psychosocial assessment is a tool used by helping professionals as a way to evaluate of a client’s mental, physical, and emotional health. Basically the assessment is a snap shot into the history of individual covering all aspects of his/her life. The questionnaire is then utilized to create an overall picture of the individual in order to help the client address the identified issues determine treatment goals.

Watch one of the films listed below and choose one of the following characters as the basis for your psychosocial assessment, theory-based analysis, and treatment plan:

The Color Purple -(this is also a book by ...view middle of the document...

You may “flesh” out the answers for exact information that is unknown as long as it is believable to the character.

I. Interview Form (you may fill this out without using complete sentences)

Name of the Interviewer: Kristy Morris Title: Clinical Psychologist
Client’s Name: Vada Sultenfuss

List identifying information: age, sex marital status demographics, work, family, prior treatment, home/living situation, etc.
11 year old, female, single, middle class, student, single-father home, no previous treatment
What is the reason client is seeking treatment:
anxiety, social issues, loss of a parent, loss of friend
What seems to be the client’s problem/issues:
lack of social skills, obsessed with death and sickness
Briefly describe physical/behavioral observations: physical appearance, grooming, mood, unusual habits.
A bit tomboy-ish, not much effort into appearance, serious mood for her age
List history of trauma: abuse, violence, substance abuse, traumatic losses, etc.
Loss mother at birth, loss of best friend at age 11
6. Developmental history: childhood, adolescence, adulthood, education, relationships,
parenthood or not; divorces/separations; losses.
Above average student, menstration at age 11 ½

Factors of diversity: culture, race, ethnicity, gender, age, class, sexual orientation, religion/spirituality; differential physical or mental abilities. Intergenerational factors.
Exposed to and has relationships with varying ages and races, grandmother lives in home
8. Grief issues: Loss of mother and birth and loss of best friend at age 11
Social networks: family and friends, coworkers, are there negative/positive relationships etc.
Has a support system of father, uncle, grandmother, employees of father's business, new soon to be step-mom.
Any other relevant information
Father runs a funeral home out of family home, grandmother isn't able to communicate effectively

II. Minimum 350 Word Summary
In paragraph form, using the above information gathered in your interview, weave together biological, psychological, and social aspects of client's past and present. The goal of this part of the assessment is to combine all aspects of person's story into “mini-biography” including a summary about their issues. At the end of your summary include your opinion about what is contributing to the client’s problems.


Veda has been raised by a single-father. Her grandmother is present in the home, but recently has been unable to communicate because of health reasons. She doesn't make friends easily. She had one very close friend who passed away. Most of her time was spent it this best friend, so his death was very difficult for her to endure. Her father has met a new woman and Veda is jealous of their relationship. Her father doesn't seem to communicate with Veda very well and she hasn't had a steady female influence. Due to her constant exposure to death, she has a very high anxiety level about death and...

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