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Public Health Nursing History Essay

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The role of the community and public health nurse
Community and public health care nursing is a different type of nursing than that of a clinical nurse. The patients people in the community that have a specific needs, the focus is on one major population or a health care issue within a community. The role of these nurses is to provide care to populations that may not otherwise receive care, or provide education about certain conditions, and develop strategies on how to treat and prevent complications based on evidenced based practices. In order to deliver this type of care, a community or public health nurse must have an educational background that includes a strong research base regarding public and community ...view middle of the document...

in the case of individual cases, a diagnosis and treatment plan based on evidenced based practices must be put into place, taking into consideration, the patients resources and the community resources available, and implement education and empowerment as much as possible.
Chapter: 43
An occupational nurse works in an autonomous fashion, the main scope of practice is to ensure that employees and the workplace environment is a safe one, and this is accomplished through worker assessments and workplaces assessments, ensuring that the employees understand safety requirements and how to reduce illness, accidents and injuries. Additionally, ensuring that the place of employment is compliant with all health and safety codes, and strive to prevent occupational health hazards. An occupational nurse also helps in the management and planning of any potential disasters, and educating employees on disaster drill and preparedness. Like all other nursing positions, there are levels of care primary, secondary and tertiary. the levels are unique to each work environment and the population within the workplace, but the same principal applies as in any other health care situation.


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