Quality Improvement Part Ii Essay

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Quality Improvement Plan Part II
Cheryl Wright
University of Phoenix
HCS 588
Cynthia Hughes
July 16, 2012

Quality Improvement Plan Part II
Quality improvement is a hospitals process to advance the quality of care and outcomes for patients using an explicit set of philosophies and procedures (Walker, 2012). This paper attempts to describe some of the areas of potential advances for quality improvement at Washington County Regional Medical Center (WCRMC) nursing unit. One principle of quality improvement is measurement, which is the collection of data to improve patient care. Using these measurements and tools can ...view middle of the document...

This model can help to determine the direction of change for improvement. These efforts are on an individual basis or a group, depending on the complexity of the project (Curran & Totten, 2011).
Lean thinking is another model health care organizations use to put the needs of the patient first. This model is a five-step process focuses on removing waste and improving flow. The patient defines value to the health care organizations in exchange for the delivery of the procedure or treatment in a cost-efficient manner. This model helps to reduce cost for the health care organization while improving the quality of the patient experience (Curran & Totten, 2011).
Six Sigma is a model for improvement, although this model has been around since the 1930s health care organization and business organizations continue to use this model. The main thought behind this model is to reduce variation in the organization process. This reduction in variation will produce a uniform product. The secondary gain for this model is reducing the waste, time, and inventory for the health care organization. These models help health care organization to improve quality care and outcomes for patients. The quality management team will develop data collection tools to succeed in improving quality for the patient and organization (Curran & Totten, 2011).
Data Collection Tools
There are various data collection tools a health care organization can use to collect data to determine the quality of care and outcomes for patients. Patient satisfaction surveys are one type of tool a health care organization can use to collect data. This information can help the quality management team understand the patient’s perspective of care during the patient experience. Designing the survey is a key issue for the quality team. An advantage for the health care organization is purchasing an existing patient satisfaction survey. Hiring an outside agency can to collect the data to get valid, reliable, and relevant information for the health care organization. A disadvantage for the quality team in developing a survey can be time-consuming and a complex project for the team to develop. Another issue may be the timeliness of reviewing the data from the patient satisfaction surveys (Ashworth & Kordowics, 2010). This information needs evaluating in a timely manner.
A functional status audit is another measurement of how medical treatments and procedures are improving the patient’s functional status or quality of life. An advantage of this audit allows the auditor to determine how the patient is progressing with the treatment plan. This is a reliable measure of collecting information because the patient has a baseline and assessments during regular intervals during the course of treatment. A disadvantage for this audit is the consistency of information by the auditor during the assessment. Not all auditors may understand the importance of collecting data for quality improvement. Front-line staffs need...

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