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The women writers from Norton Anthology remind me of a great deal about the women in today’s society. Women today and from the past had to face the same hardships. They had to rise up from their invisible constraints just to gain their equality. Women always had to fight to gain their gender liberation.

I would like to compare my mom to Queen Elizabeth. My mom always reminded me of a military mom. She was very strict in her ways, even when it came to the dinner table. I remember she told me I could not have juice until I finished eating all my food. Even to this day I eat mostly all of my food, before I drink any kind of liquids. I tell people do not blame me, blame my mom. She made sure that she would not baby me in any way. My mom made sure to raise a man. ...view middle of the document...

In the same way I am like my mom. We are both realists. I hate when someone say they are going to do something, and they do not do it.
My mom told me that a man does not lie and if he does he is not a man. A man’s word means everything in life. My mom was very inspirational to me in my life. I appreciate the way she raised me. If she did not raise me the way she did I would not know anything about hard work. She did everything in her power for me to have the gifts and chances she never had in life. Even though I did not see her that often I would have the latest clothes and electronics. I am not sure what grade it was, but at one point in time. If I did not finish my homework she would make me stay up all night just to complete it. On top of that she still would make me go to school. She taught me that there are times when you have to go the extra mile just to succeed in life. You have to push yourself to those limits. She taught me that if I succeed in school I will be able to succeed in life.
The one program she signed me up that changed my life was Ice Hockey In Harlem. It was an afterschool program, but if you do your homework you are able to play hockey. She told me from day one if I stay home from school I will not be able to go play hockey. By her saying that I made sure I went to school all the time no matter if I was sick or tired. That laid the foundation right there for me to have a strong work ethic. She sometimes get upset at me now if I call out of work. I guess some people will never change.
The reason why I compare Queen Elizabeth I to my mom is because they both were thrown into positions to be the dominant male. My mom was forced to share the role of a father and Queen Elizabeth was thrown to rule her kingdom as a king.

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