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Questionnaire Essay

484 words - 2 pages

Name: ___________________________ Date: _____________
Grade: __________________ Gender/Age:________________
General Directions: encircle the best answer on every question
I. Self
1.How often do you:
1.1 study your lessons
a. Almost always
    b. Often
    c. Sometimes
    d. Seldom
    e. Never
1.2 Find difficulties in your studies
a. Almost always
    b. Often
    c. Sometimes
    d. Seldom
    e. Never

1.3 Take your studies seriously
a. Almost always
    b. Often
    c. Sometimes
    d. Seldom
    e. ...view middle of the document...

others please specify__________________
2.2 What is the subject that you are really trying your best to study? Why

2.3 What is the main reason you want to study in school
a. to learn
b. for baon
c. to make new friends
d. others please specify ______________________________

III. Technology

1. Which of these gadgets do you have at your home
a. computer
b. cellphone/iphone
c. game consoles such as PSP, PS3, Nitendo WII, gameboy advance etc.
d. others please specify ____________________________________-
2. What is the use of this gadget for you
a. for entertainment
b. for my studies
c. for emergencies
d. for protection
e. letter a b & c
IV. Family
1. Do you have family problems
a. Yes b. no
A. if yes what kind of problems it is
a. Financially
b. broken family

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