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Questions For Naked Economics Essay

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READ: Naked Economics: Undressing the Dismal Science, Charles Wheeland, W.W. Norton, 2003. Completely- cover to cover.

Create a time management plan for your reading schedule to ensure you have ample time to read the book. Set due dates for each chapter and each part of the assignment. Review your schedule with a parent or guardian.

Expectations: Work must be typed, 12 point font, double-spaced. Label each section appropriately with each number. Please check your work for complete sentences and grammatical errors. The answer for each section should be about a half to full page.

Due Date: The first day of the semester. No points will be awarded for late work. Be prepared ...view middle of the document...

6. Chapter six: The author discusses the symptom of being poor, and the illness of being poor. What does the author mean? Do you agree with him? Explain. How does the poverty line right now compare to 100 years ago? Why is America like a real life version of “Revenge of the Nerds?” What’s so important about Human Capital?
7. Chapter seven: What does the efficient market theory have to do with Financial markets? Discuss the positives and negatives of the theory. Why do Wall-Street types not like it? Explain the coin flipping experiment, as it relates to investment diversification.
8. Chapter eight: Why have mohair farmers earned a subsidy from the federal government for decades? What can you derive that economics tells us about politics?
9. Chapter nine: Explain how the average American is three times as rich as they would have been in 1950. Explain the most effective “knock” on GDP. What does the author think about the effectiveness of fiscal policy? Explain how a current account...

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