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Quiz On Current Affairs Essay

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Business Quiz
Q1. What was founded by Herb Kelleher in 1973 in Dallas, Texas, USA?(South West Airlines).
Q2. Big Blue is IBM. Which corporate is referred as 'Big Black' ?(UPS).
Q3. Who founded the Amul milk co-operative in Gujarat in the year 1902?(Tribhuvandas Patel)
Q4.Who is known as the 'Father of Mustang', a famous brand of car?(Lee Iococca)FMCG & Textile :Q1. Coke ventured into Dairy Products in India this year. Name the product? (Maaza Milky)Q2. ...view middle of the document...

Name the Company(S.Kumars)Stock MarketQ1.Demat is the acronym for................???(Dematerialisation)Q2.What is the name of two share depositories in India?(NSDL and CSDL)Q3.Stock split increases a company's equity capital. True or false?(false)Q4.Which is the first foreign company listed on NYSE.(Sony).Q5. DAX is Acronym of which Stock Exchange?(Frankfurt Stock Exchange) Q6.Name the first public sector share quoted on BSE.(HPCL). |
BankingQ1. What is known as the cost of living index which represents the goods and services purchased by consumers?(Consumer Price Index)Q2. Which financial services giant is referred as the "Thundering Herd"?(Merill Lynch)Q3. What is the exchange rate of one currency for another over a fixed period of time called?(Swap or Currency Swap)Q4. Recently WPI was changed base year from 93-94 level to which year ? (2004-05)Q4. Name the person who introduced the 'Double Entry' book keeping concept?(Lucas Pacioli).Q5.What is the current repo rate and reverse repo rate?(5 and 6)Q6. What is Bullet Loan ? |
Q1. Which company created Computer Mouse ?(Xerox)
Q2. Only Indian Company to Provide ERP solution? (Ramco Systems)
Q3. What is the Google equivalent of Wikipedia? (Google Knol)

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