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Investigation to Find the Major Causes of Poor Performance by Young Female Workers: A case Study of Forbes Inc.

Forbes Inc. is a business magazine provider in America that publishes biweekly. The company features original articles on the business industry, finance, marketing and investing. Forbes Inc. also provides reports on some other relate subjects such as communications, technology, law and science. Forbes headquarters are in the city of New York. The company faces tough competition in the category of national business magazine from Bloomberg and Fortune hence the performance strategies need to be set in such a way that the output is extremely original, reliable and of ...view middle of the document...

Also a great decrease in fertility that is often below replacement levels has been noted. The issues have stressed the societies a lot and extreme suffering to the women, who carries the heavier part of the load concerning the matter. This makes many of the female workers to be undermined in the work place by their male co-workers. As a result there have been a great reduction in performance by young women workers, of whom, the study group believed that they were subjected to psychological disturbance as a result of changes in families’ dynamics and structures. Excess use of tradition believes about men being superior than ladies was accelerated by the women’s’ suffering resulting from the changing family dynamics and structures. The advancement in science and technology readily availed to young generations without thorough monitoring has been accused to contribute significantly to the recent changes in families’ dynamics and structures. To investigate the accusation, this study carries out an investigation to find the major causes of poor performance by young female workers, a case study of Forbes Inc.

Study objective

The main objective of the study was to improve the performance of the young female workers in Forbes and other business organisations in the world by carrying out an investigation to the major causes of negative changes in families’ dynamics and structures which affects women in the work place.
From the study objective above, the study was based on four discussion question as listed bellow
1. Do young female workers who are not associated with family problems perform better than those with family problems?
2. Does the unmonitored technology avail to the young children significantly affect their performance in work places when they get employed?
3. Does the unmonitored technology avail to the young children significantly affect their marriage relationships when they grow up?
4. Does the unmonitored technology availed to the young children significantly affects their reproductive behaviour when they grow up?
5. Does the unmonitored technology availed to the young children affect their marriage relationships when they grow up?
After conducting thorough investigations on the study questions, the study revealed that indeed the young female workers associated with family problems gave significantly poor performance when compared to those who were not having family problems. The study reveals that negative family issues such as divorce and untrusted cohabiting greatly affected the young females at their work places.

It also made the male workers to view these female workers as minority and with low powers. This lowered the females’ morale and causes low esteem. The study also found out that the unmonitored advanced science and technology influences the relational behaviour. Regarding to the issue of relational behaviour, the study shows that the age of first sexual intercourse has significantly decreased...

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