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Reading Skills And Its Impact To Critical Thinking

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The study is focused principally on the implications of reading skills to the critical thinking of third year high school students The profile of the students on sex, English rating and English language preference were considered. It assessed the students’ reading skills on word recognition through context clues, noting details, getting the main idea, inferring, making generalizations and predicting outcomes. It also evaluated the students’ critical thinking skills, particularly on knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation. The impact of reading skills to the critical thinking of the students was also analyzed and examined.
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Reading skill is seen as a determinant of critical thinking skills. Elements of reading skills are observed to be also inherent in critical thinking skills.
There is a link between reading skills and critical thinking skills. The more students are exposed to reading, the more their critical thinking skills are improved. Thus, reading skills among students must be intensified and must continue to be taken into consideration in the teaching-learning process for it greatly contributes to the development of critical thinking skills. The development of critical thinking skills is very important for it will further lead students to come up with reasonable and reflective decisions, to solve problems, to reason out, to stand firm for what they believe, to come up with good judgments and to gain intellectual and academic achievements. In such manner, critical thinking helps students to improve their cognitive functioning. It leads students to come up with productive and effective thinking. Furthermore, it makes them become responsible, skillful and creative thinkers. Thus, through critical thinking, students are not only made educated, but more so, their ...

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