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In this day and age it has become apparent that people enjoy having constant communication. They enjoy letting others know what they are doing, who they’re seeing, what they’re eating – in essence, the idea of privacy is non-existent. During the last decade we have seen men and women willingly go on television to disclose personal information, be followed by cameras and have every inch of their lives exposed to millions of viewers. Reality television has alienated the way we protect our privacy and in changed the way we view normal. Reality television has only created problems and television companies should abolish any current reality television being produced so personal privacy can ...view middle of the document...

Once that kind of privacy invasion is allowed, people have to understand that whatever privacy they once thought they had is gone. In this case these children are going to be able to see what their parents wrote about each other for forever and they are going to have to deal with the repercussions of their parents’ actions, and eventually the children will be put in the spotlight to be tried in front of the court of media. The few that win against the media are the most harshly criticized when they finally make a mistake. Reality television has created a monster that allows society to judge others based on what producers thought would be good television and not on the character within each person. The reality behind reality television isn’t as glamorous as they’d like the audience to believe.
Privacy is a concept that this generation takes advantage of. With the explosion of Twitter and Facebook and reality television information that would normally be seen as private or personal is all over the internet. Twitter has allowed society to know exactly what their favourite star or co-worker is doing every minute of the day. Reality television stars always have a Twitter or Facebook because they need a way to stay connected with the media and their fan bases. Not only has reality television created a new set of morals that youth choose to follow, it is also promoting the very dangerous spreading of information. Young people often don’t realize that anything and everything they choose to post on the internet will stay on the Internet for the rest of their lives. Privacy should not be treated so dismissively; the dangers of putting too much information on the Internet can result in identity theft, impersonation, and potential job losses. Companies and even universities have been known to use these social...

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