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Recommendation Report: Call Center

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Recommendation Report: Call Center
Nida Labao
HRM 552
July 13, 2015
Sheri Johnson

Recommendation Report: Call Center
A customer service call center is in need of an advisor to help with the organization’s development and training program. The profit margin rate has been low and employee turnover is very high. Also, due to the lack of training, customers are dissatisfied and complaining. As the new Human Resource advisor, a recommendation report has been created for the organizational development and training programs for the call center. The report will consist of the following points: components of job analysis and design, techniques in developing training programs, importance and ...view middle of the document...

A clear job analysis and design can help the organization gather a pool of people who is well qualified for the job.
Techniques: Training Programs
After the selection and placement process is complete, new hires is scheduled to be oriented to their job and the organization. During orientation, employees are introduced to the organization’s mission and vision, their work units, and their jobs. Orientations should leave a lasting impact on the employee. It will help determine if the employee should be successful or a failure. After orientation, new hires will need to be trained. Prior to orientation, trainings needs should have been determined and objectives established for meeting those needs. “Effective training objectives should state what will result for the organization, department, or individual when training is completed” (Byars & Rue, 2008). Methods of training for the call center can be on-the-job training or job rotation. On-the-job training is when a senior employee or manager shows the employee how to perform the job under the trainer’s supervision. Job rotation is when an employee learns several different jobs within the department.
Recognizing the current concerns, HR advisor is able to effectively revise the training objectives. The training objectives are as follows: how to effectively manage time with each customer, maintain professionalism at all times, how to increase job performance and how to enhance communication skills. The training will be scheduled for three days of classroom learning and one week of on-the-job training. Employees will be given the opportunity to practice his or her skills under supervision. The person training the new hires should show interest in the person while explaining the importance of the job and why it is important to perform the job correctly to increase the interest of the new hires.
Mentoring and Executive Coaching
Coaching and mentoring program are a powerful tool to drive and maintain employee performance. Effective coaching and mentoring is “about directing an individual employees’ performance toward the business results that need to be achieved by the department and as a whole” (Berard, 2015). New hires will be coached or mentored by senior employees or managers. Coaches will act as a support system to the individual, receive immediate feedback. Coaches can draw out the best in people and empower the new hires to lead themselves.
Approach to Organizational Development
Objectives for organizational development must be established to meet the needs of management development and individual programs. The three training objectives can be categories as: instructional...

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