Recordkeeping System Essay

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In this section we present our system design following the Waterfall method of system design. The diagrams in the system were drawn by using Microsoft Office (Visio and PowerPoint). This chapter is segmented into system description, system requirement, Benefits, Project plan, risk management, context diagrams, use case diagram, use case narrative, non-functional requirement, state diagram, and the Graphical user Interface (GUI).

4.1 System Description
There is no universally agreed upon definition of what aspects constitute a system description and various institution and organizations. The fundamental organization of a system, embodied in its ...view middle of the document...

After the search and that particular records is found, the system brings forth a dialogue box unto the screen with the words “Records found!” and displays folder in the connecting device where the user can find that records. In the case of the opposite where records are not found, the system displays “Records not found!” This behavior which the system exhibits is what makes it “intelligent” with the help of AI.

4.2 System Requirement
The dynamics of website creation is ever changing in this fast modernized age. Thus, to design and subsequently develop a web application that is of standard and flexible the following must be carefully factored into its development.
* Perform and control the process
* Maintain evidence about work done, as determined by laws of regulations
* Provide information for the organization and the community about the work done
* Accessibility: the services for which the system was designed or develop must be easily accessible and readily available.
* Flexibility: the system must be flexible, that is it should be interactive in order to seamlessly access records by a novice user.
* Compatibility: the system designed on this framework should provide an open standard interface to interact with.
* Artificial Intelligence (AI): for a system to be intelligent it has to have AI flexibility. Thus, a smart system should have the ability to evolve with the adaptability of system over load.
* Durability and reusability: the system should be designed in an object-oriented model in which applications are treated as encapsulated elements with a well-defined interface as long as interfaces remain consistent with these components can withstand technology changes.
* Open architecture and interfaces: the framework should have an open architecture and open application interfaces to enable interaction and integration seamlessly between service providers and other entities. Thus, the architecture is able to take advantage of the open, dynamic nature of the web by supporting just-in-time application integration.

4.3 Benefits of Intelligent Administrative Recordkeeping System (IARS)
* Planning: Establish what processes are needed for administrative records to be effectively maintained and how this will be achieved. Planning an administrative recordkeeping process will help maintain a recordkeeping system that works for organization’s or institution’s practice and provide clear expectations for practice staff.
* Consistency: to make it easier for practice staff to do their job, have information collected and stored in a consistent way within the institution’s or organization’s practice; all staff should follow the same policies and procedures.
* Communication: all staff is made aware of administrative recordkeeping policies to ensure that they understand procedures. That is by communicating expectations clearly consistent administrative recordkeeping benefits are achieved.
* Training: knowing the...

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