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Banking is known as the backbone of the national economy. Banks play an important role in the business sector & promoting industrialization & economic development of the country. Banks provide necessary funds for the executing various program underway in the process of economic development. All sorts of economy & financial activities revolve around the bank. As the industry produces goods & commodities, bank creates & controls money market & promotes formation of capital.
Bank is a powerful medium to bring socio-economic changes in a developing country like Bangladesh. The three important sectors in Bangladesh like Agriculture, Commerce & ...view middle of the document...

Secondary objective of the report:
* To gather knowledge about the function of human resource division.
* To identify the Recruitment Process of DBBL.
* To focus on major elements of Recruitment and Selection process.
* To focus on the updates and the batter methods of modern technique.
* To identify the problem of human resource division of Dutch--Bangla Bank Ltd, specially Human Resource Planning and Sourcing.
* To recommend suggestions for the HR Division and Human Resource Planning and Sourcing of the Dutch--Bangla Bank Ltd.
Scope of the study:
As an intern, my scope was very limited and restricted. I had maintained some official formality for the collection of data for my report. This report mainly encompasses the Human Resource Practices of the Dutch--Bangla Bank Limited. The report is based on my responsibilities, observation and studies during my internship period in Human Resource Department of Dutch--Bangla Bank Ltd.

The study requires a systematic procedure from selection of the topic to preparation of the final report. To perform the study, the data sources were to be identified and collected, to be classified, analyzed, interpreted and presented in a systematic manner and key points were to be found out. The overall process of methodology has been given as below:
• Primary:
The primary information collected through face to face interview, observation, and by participation in the recruitment and selection process.

• Secondary:
The secondary information collected from website, magazine, annual reports, journals, books and some other relevant sources.
Both primary and secondary data sources will be used to generate this report. Primary data sources are scheduled survey, informal discussion with professionals and observation while working in different desks. The secondary data sources are different published reports, manuals of DBBL.
Limitation of the study:
Although, I have worked at career development unit of DBBL, I obtained whole- hearted co-operation from employees of DBBL, HRD in Head Office. They helped me a lot to understand my responsibility. The main limitation of the study is the collection of information, because most of the information’s are confidential. So they don’t want to disclose them.
Over view of DBBL:
Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited (DBBL) is the preferred choice in banking for friendly and personalized services, cutting edge technology, tailored solutions for business needs, global reach in trade and commerce and high yield on investments. DBBL had been widely acclaimed by the business community from small business to large traders and industrial conglomerates, including the top rated corporate borrower for forward looking business outlook and innovative financing solutions. The Bank offers the full range of banking and investment services for personal and corporate customers, backed by the latest technology and a team of highly motivated employees....

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