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Staffing and Recruitment In times of increased competition, in which organisations must continuously learn and innovate, the human element becomes increasingly important in generating value for a company. In fact, the power of a company today is much more based on its intellectual asset than on other tangible equipments. For this reason, the organisation's decisions about recruitment and selection are central to its ability to survive, adapt and grow. Recruitment: The recruitment and selection process is essentially concerned with finding, assessing and engaging new employees who satisfy the human resource needs of an organisation at a minimum cost. In this context, recruitment can be ...view middle of the document...

In this stage, managers should select the recruitment methods necessary to reach the organisation's strategy. Also, as Orlitzky (2007) points out, managers should carefully consider several aspects, such as target candidates, places for recruiting, tools, time and communication message. There are five main methods adopted to attract candidates, including in-company methods, external agencies and consultants, government agencies, printed media and, finally, electronic recruitment, also known as E-recruitment. Recruitment trends: Through the increasing reach of the internet and rapid development of technology, E-recruitment becomes a highly popular method when attempting to attract potential future employees. It is important to note that there are both advantages and disadvantages related to the adoption of this

method. In this case, benefits would be reduced paperwork, reduced cost of recruitment and no geographical limitation. As a result, when utilising E-recruitment techniques, a company may have high volumes of applicants available for its selecting decision. However, adopting E-recruitment tools bring also some disadvantages for an organisation. For instance, the quality of applicants cannot be reliably measured through an online recruitment. Also, inappropriate applications and discriminations may occur during the recruitment. An other trend facing recruitment processes refers to the increasing difficulty to attract talented workers that will stay loyal to a company during a relevant period of time. Research findings indicate high turnover rates and low loyalty towards the company among employees under 35 years old. One possible reason for this phenomenon is the increasing and relentless search for corporate ethics and self-actualisation in the workplace. Selection: Once a pool of candidates has been attracted, attention turns to selecting the optimal candidate for the job. The third stage in a staffing process is the selection. According to Bratton and Gold (2006), selection refers to the process by which managers and others use specific instruments to choose the optimal candidate from a pool of applicants. After criteria is set up, managers should focus on choosing appropriate methods to test candidates skills accurately. As an overall plan, expenditure of time and cost should also be considered. Common selection methods...

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