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uNit 13 recruitment and selection in business
BTEC national diploma in business

uNit 13 recruitment and selection in business
BTEC national diploma in business

Hussain shunais solih 2818 batch 01
Assignment 01
Hussain shunais solih 2818 batch 01
Assignment 01


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A business must undertake a number of stages in the recruitment and selection process. This assignment will give a detailed description about the methods of recruitment procedures and the legal implications considered when recruiting new staffs in Dhiraagu and Maldives Transport and Contracting Company Plc (MTCC)
Dhiraagu is Maldives first telecommunications service provider which was established in 1988. Dhiraagu is a public limited company which sells shares to the general public, owned by shareholders and run by a board of directors. The company currently has over 350 000 customers all over Maldives. Pursuant to the information provided in the company’s website (Dhiraagu, 2015) the company employs 99% trained qualified Maldivian. Dhiraagu also dominates the market of both mobile and broadband services with over 70% of the market share. In a limited company like Dhiraagu, the owners has limited liability which means that the shareholders are not liable to lose their personal properties such as houses and cars in the event of bankruptcy. With reference to the official website of the company, their mission is to lead the Information communications market through excellence in quality, value and customer service. They have mentioned some values in their website .The following are the values that continuously represent the reference point for what they stand for.
-Knowledgeable: We understand our industry, our market, our business and above all our customers better than anyone else.
- Familiar: For more than 25 years Dhiraagu has been helping the Maldives communicate with the rest of the world.
- Trusted: We deliver what we promise, we bring joy into their lives.
- Contemporary: We keep abreast of the latest developments
- Exciting: We are passionate about our work and we demonstrate that passion and excitement to our customers.

Dhiraagu employee’s says that Dhiraagu is the leading and largest telecommunication provider in Maldives Dhiraagu provides their services nationwide. Dhiraagu owns and operates a fully digital communications network reaching every inhabited island and tourist resort in the Maldives. The

Company provides many services to the customers like 3G/GSM mobile service, Landline, high-speed fixed broadband internet, 3G HSPDS mobile broadband, web hosting and data center services and last but not the least IDD and mobile roaming Services. As it is a business its aim is to provide customers with better quality service and earn profit. In order to earn profit and get success it’s very important for them to satisfy their customers with the services they provide. Dhiraagu provides telecommunication services, so therefor it is a part of tertiary sector as they are service providers. Dhiraagu has around 630 employees working full time. They say 99% of their employees are trained and qualified Maldivians. They have over 350,000 customers and they are present in 9 strategically located...

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