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Reflection Essay

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Chapter Two Reflection Questions

1. Dr. Blau emphasizes the importance of understanding the “whys” of a client’s experience and behavior. What advantages and disadvantages do you see in this focus?
Dr. Blau provides a good reasoning behind his importance of wanting to understand the “whys” of a client. I see that this can help us get much of the questions answered for a therapist with all the input from the client. The advantages could be that why questions can allow clients to think deeper about their problems they are discussing as well as get a better idea of the cause of an event. The disadvantages I see which could result from asking so many “why” questions would be frustration ...view middle of the document...

The way to explore such dynamics with Ruth would be through conversation between the therapist and client. Bringing up questions about her father, then men, then sexuality, and lastly her culture could provide us with great information about her ways of acting and perceiving her sexual world.
3. Do you share the emphasis of this approach on the importance of Ruth’s father in her life? How might you go about exploring with her how conflicts with her father are related to some of her present conflicts?

As I mentioned above, Ruth’s father would be the key character I would want to focus on when taking this approach. As she has discussed various times, her interaction with her father was hindered soon after being caught with playing the game “DOCTOR” and that story has not been settled or talked about. Once gain, I would bring up the issues and hate she has towards men being judgmental and not feeling close to her husband. Also, because her father was not there when she needed to talk about sex, she no longer has intimacy with her husband. Feeling isolated from John despite being married for 19 years are reasons to feeling betrayed and neglected from her father. Her marriage is taking a hit not only because John devotes more time to work than Ruth, but also because there is no communication in terms of their sex life. All of her childhood experience has led her to have further conflicts with men in her life as an adult. This is the typical result of having a childhood where shame, guilt, and fear were a part of your sexual exploration.
4. In what ways would you encourage Ruth to go back and relive her childhood? How important is delving into the client’s early childhood in leading to personality change?

I would want...

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