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Reflection Essay

1321 words - 6 pages

Sandhya Pandey
Dr. Boone
16 December 2015

Before this class, English 110, I was accustomed to writing the traditional five paragraph essay about whatever topic my teacher had told me to take a side on. And as always I had become used to being praised for my argumentative essays. But, English 110 had something completely different in store for me. It challenged me to think beyond my boundaries, and join forces and communicate with the entire class to write about my topic and somehow make connections with them all.
In Module I, about the article “writing and thinking analytically” By David Rosenwasser and Jill Stephen really showed me as a writer how to analyze; which was ...view middle of the document...

And it really helped me understand how I noticed the differences in my writing from how I used to communicate before and now.
In Module II, our dead media class project. This project was one of the most interesting things I had to do, where we took an object and showed how it was dead to us. When I was thinking about the object(s) that were dead to me, what struck out the most to me was sounds. Dead sounds or listening to music in different ways. I analyzed how the way we listen to music evolved as music itself was changing from generation to generation. When we think of dead media, we think that because something new and fancy came out that was the cause of the previous object to die, but that is not the case. I have to agree when Bruce Sterling said in his Dead Media Manifesto that the “Radio didn't kill newspapers, TV did not kill radio or movies, video and cable did not kill broadcast network TV; they just all jostled around seeking a more perfect app.” (Sterling, Alamut). We still listen to the radio, not as much as we used to but if you ask an ordinary person of any age, they can tell you what a radio is and how it works; it is in fact installed in our cars with fair reception. But some forms of listening to music do in fact perish like the Victrola, which some people know of, but do not use. People might use it as an antique furniture, but it is not an everyday way of listening to music. In part two of module II, dead media was also present in World War Two in the form of propaganda. The use of cartoons, and witty word play, to get the citizens of United States to join the war going on overseas. People still use political cartoons, but not in the way it was used in World War Two. Being a curator of the exhibit it was my job to draw connections between ideas of others in the group. I found that mostly everybody was writing about World War II and the Vietnam War, I then realized that both wars used propaganda but they were different. World War II was promoting the war, and Vietnam was promoting peace but both used emotion to get people to agree with their ideas. As the whole curating group we had found it hard to come up these connections and we really had to analyze and read through everyone’s labels.
In module III, the research essay I had chosen to go beyond my boundaries and comfort zone and talk about cultural appropriation in Taylor Swift’s music video “Wildest Dreams” and “Shake it off.” This was one of the most not only interesting but also one of the most challenging articles I may have written in this class, because again I had to analyze instead of trying to fix the problems people and critics had with...

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