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Literature study is a book consists of many useful short stories. Each of them is very beneficial for the reader. One of the stories in that book that caught my attention was “The Happy Prince”. This short story was written by Oscar Wilde in 1888. In this story, it talks about the generosity of a talking statue. I really love reading this book. In addition, I am going to analyze the whole story: a summary of the story, an analysis of a symbol of happy prince, and my idea toward the contribution of the happy prince toward his people.
Happy prince was once a human whose life was full of exhilaration and happiness. He never gets to see what life like beyond that thick wall of his palace. When he died, they built him a status and put him up high in the middle of the town. There, he saw a lot of misery, starvation, and poverty. Next he made a friend with a swallow, whose friends are leaving to Egypt to escape the frozen season, and begged him to be his massager. The ...view middle of the document...

After that, the workmen took the heart and threw it away beside the corps of the swallow. Finally, the lead heart and the swallow’s corps were taken to the heaven by an angel.
The symbol of this heartbreaking story is “the happy prince status”. This symbol represents four important things. First, it stands for dignity. As I have stated, the status of happy prince was cover with gold and god represent dignity. Second, it takes in place of a human being who has very good heart and willing to sacrifice oneself for the sake of other. Like in this story, happy prince makes an enormous contribution to his people. Third, the happy prince status stands for happiness. In the story, the happy prince status always smiles. And his smile sometime was envy by the other of those who dwelling beneath him. Last but not least, the happy prince status represents admiration. He was once a prince in that town, he was loved by his people in his time and they build him a status made of gold and rare stones.
The main character, the happy prince, makes a huge contribution to his people. He sacrifices himself for others. He even gives up his own eyes to save those poor people in his town. His sacrificial act was respectful. But, I personally do not approve with his method of contribution. I do agree that helping other is the right thing to do, but if you assist other without looking at your current state, it is not a very good choice at all. Like the happy prince, he already has his eyes plucked, yet he keeps helping those needy people until he got himself melted in the burning furnace. Even though, in the end, he was taken to the heaven because of his sacrificial act. But in real life, the god does not exist; therefore, I totally against the happy prince’s method of helping those moneyless people.
After reading this story a dozen times, I have realized that this story mentally teach me many of things about life. In society where people are materialism, they only respect you when you are rich or beautiful. For example, the happy prince status was sought after and respected only when his body was full of gold and valuable stones; when he loses those, he was abruptly abandoned. And the other thing that I learnt, if you continues to save up your good deed act, this good deep act will later compensate you sometime in your life.

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