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Regulatory Environment Essay

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Regulatory Environment

Employment Law
Kudler Fine Foods has an interest in expanding its services into offering catering. With this expansion the need for additional staff becomes more necessary. There will be a lot of employment regulations to consider when undertaking new employees. The laws protecting the employer-employee relationship are too numerous to name and as stated by Mallor (2003), “By now, however, such rules and regulations are so numerous that they touch almost every facet of employment,”(Mallor, 2003). Making sure these laws are understood by both parties ...view middle of the document...

Employment discrimination, employee privacy, and common law claims for wrongful termination have become hot topics in today’s news.

1. How will Kudler handle Workers’ compensation? Will they hire new people as employees or as independent contractors as independent are not protected by this law.
2. How will Kudler ensure that it is providing a safe workplace and is in accordance with all OSHA regulations? “The Occupational Safety and Health Act imposes a duty on employers to provide their employees with a workplace and jobs free from recognized hazards that may cause death or serious physical harm (Mallor, 2003).”
3. How many new employees will Kudler add? Having 50 or more employees requires the company to comply with FMLA. “the act covers those employed for at least 12 months, and for 1,250 hours during those 12 months, by an employer employing 50 or more employees (Mallor, 2003).”
4. Is Kudler in a Union dominated state?
5. How will Kudler monitor their employees using video surveillance in accordance to the employee privacy conditions?
6. Will Kudler require polygraph, drug, and alcohol tests?

Mallor Jane P., Barnes A. James, Bowers Thomas L., Langvardt Arlen W., Introduction
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