Rel 133 What Is A Belief System

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What is a Belief System
REL 133
Professor James Finch

What is a Belief System
A belief system is a predominant set of beliefs or values for an individual, society, or culture. This could be further narrowed into a religious, philosophical, or ideological belief system. The religious spectrum is basically the belief in a supernatural power that exists and has omnipotence over our destiny. When examining a personal religious belief system the answers to numerous questions must be considered. This examination will determine my personal religious belief ...view middle of the document...

The parent begins with the values and morals handed down to him or her through their own religious upbringing. Even though the child may have been exposed to the religion throughout his or her childhood it is not a guarantee they will stay with that doctrine or any doctrine under that religion. However, the individual may go through a period of self-discovery to determine their spiritual needs. Often it may be a traumatic experience that may be the catalyst for the return to the parameters of the spiritual life. The individual is committed to a willingness to follow the specific religion and obedience to the religious teachings. It was a traumatic divorce in my case that returned me to my childhood religion. Once anyone commits to his or her particular doctrine he or she will thrive in its advantages.
The core benefit to being a Christian is the contentment. Inner peace and joy is the blessing given when your life is turned over to Jesus. As I adhere myself to the Bible’s teachings, I find myself calmer and less irritated by life’s challenges. Possessing the knowledge that my God will always float me to the top will remove worry and stress. This knowledge allows me to enjoy my life more freely. Most important, we are gave eternal life in heaven for our acceptance of Jesus Christ as our Savior.
Personally, I do not acknowledge any disadvantages to being a Christian. The world says there is so much that you cannot do as a Christian: adultery, drunkenness, speaking evil of others. Jesus does expect us to edify the behaviors we want from other people, so we do hold ourselves to stricter standards of appearance inside and outside of our bodies. There are some friends that you do have to give up as a Christian, for evil does corrupt good. We also cannot adhere to any selfish behavior. For Christians one of the most important commandments is to love thy neighbor like thyself. This brings with it the burden to act unselfishly and to put their needs ahead of your own. We are required to help carry their burden. This is just a portion of the traditional teachings of Christianity.
The Role of Tradition in General Religion
Most churches have patterns of worship, traditional practices that have been generated over generations. When individuals deviate from these traditional practices it may be considered heretical or frowned upon by the church. These traditions may be stories that have passed down over generations regarding the sacrifice incurred by patriarch of the religious belief system. The hierarchy of a church may also be part of the tradition such as that found within the Catholic Church that is overseen by the Pope. Some churches may have traditional practices not seen as holy by the...

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