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Relation Between Motivation Attitudes And Behavior

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Xiaomi, co-founded by Lei Jun – a computer science graduate, and Lin Bin – formerly in charge of Google’s Chinese operations, has gone from a start-up to the third largest handset maker worldwide, only behind Apple and Samsung, in less than five years. This report has as a purpose to outline a prediction about the company’s future and is limited to projected growth of Xiaomi in both Chinese and international market, and reasons for the probable success it would have.

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Xiaomi avoids conventional advertising and the only mean of selling it uses is the internet, hence ensuring value for money. The company devotes only about one per cent of its revenue to marketing, compared to Samsung’s 5.4 per cent, with the expectation that if their customers are content with the price-performance ratio provided, they would recommend Xiaomi’s service to friends. This informally called mouth-to-mouth advertising method has doubtlessly helped until now for the company’s growth and is expected to continue being a strong distinctive feature of Xiaomi.

In the smartphone market, due to the fierce competition, often quality and price is not everything a customer looks for. Factors such as design and innovation rate of a company often influence the decision of the buyer. And, in the case of smartphones, design is not just external. The operating system a device ships with is of great importance. Xiaomi has tried to produce one which focuses not simply on how the client uses their phone, but how it makes them feel. Combining this with a strong R&D department, consisting of 1400 employers, the Chinese company has proven to consider and improve every aspect a customer could find important.

With a rapid growth in smartphone sales – 44% more devices have been shipped in the second quarter of 2015, compared to the same period of last year, the Indian market is expected to continue growing in...

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